Friday, February 12, 2010

For Huzaimah And Nadia

both of them were my shoulder before ( refer this post )

my bestfren ever!
i'm really care for you.
someone that i can share anything without any heart feeling.
someone that i can share my stupidity with.
someone who always in my side when i am in critical time.

my lil cute sister!
someone who can relaxing people using her face.
humour are born in your soul.
someone that i need to think for.

both of you have made me proud. congratulations for your success getting the opportunity to further studies in TESL at New Zealand. study smart, make your parents proud, behave yourselves, don't forget about pray, always pray for your safety, have a nice journey, take a good care for each other...

gud luck! love both of you much!!!

"wherever you are, be happy, that's the prayer from my heart"

Moral Of The Story - show the world about who you are


farwalis said...


lagej nak g new zealand. yeay!

JAY said...

nk itot!!

anam said...

hy salam evryone...
im a muslim... my name is anum.. living in pakistan.....
i want to name my nice.. huzaimah.... but i dont know the meaning of Huzaimah.. all i know is its a muslim name....
can anyone guide me???.....we have to name a baby girl in one two days...
thanku.... u can post me on my id and


anam said...

i have to name my niece**


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