Friday, October 22, 2010


subject = SHE

she used to love me when i'm in a relationship with other girl

i’m used to ignore her because of my relationship status, advices from my friends

i’m used to avoid her

i’m used to abandoned her

until she’s ever cried for me...

after that,

i’m about thinking rationally

i’m overlooked all my friend’s advice

i’m overlooked my relationship status

i’m starting the new term of friend, with her

ignoring others

then, we become a friend.. a close friend.. very close friend...

we can talk anything

we can talk rubbish

we can talk about politic

we can talk about romance

we can talk about sport

we can talk about family

we can say to each other, bodoh bengong bangang natey gile bab*.. anything!!

Without any heart feeling


Seems like she’s ignore me

Message, no reply

Facebook comment, no respond

My profile, never get her attention

Not once, but many time she’s did that

I’m going to feel ignored

I’m going to feel depressed

This what people said about karma, we get what we did

Is this what people called love?

Sh*t, now i’m used to hate that LOVE word!! Except LOVE for my lovely family

Hate this feeling! I’m not going to fall in love right now.. there are many things i need to solve first..


(cikgu BI sila check grammar)

Moral Of The Story - cinta itu AGUNG.. huh?


Nufa Yusof said...

mungkin.. hahhaha..

devileka87 said...

hate 2 say this 2 u but honey, IT IS KARMA..
i've done that and fell exactly what u fell rite now..
so my advice is "sabo je r"..
heheheh.. ;)

mizz Trisya said...

ya jay..dat karma..wat u give then u get it back.. basically in LOVE..dont start it if u feel u cant..coz it may hurt u deeply and cruel..

frwls said...

padan muka ko is suitable right now,

eat and hadam


padan muka aku gak sebab benda camni. kakkakakakakkakakakakakkakaka

efa fairuz said...


sabo je laaaaaaa.. huhuhu T___T

Pencacai Alim said...

kecek mat saleh...pergh!!! said...

grammar? after 'to' must use root word.

'to abandoned her..'

*to abandon her


miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...

Saye sudi menjadi penggantinya.


Britshilia said...

Oh man kesian hang... tapi aku lagi kesian tgk Bi hang :( nak aku tlg repair kan ker.. leh jer

Anonymous said...

errr hurm benci ah crite mcm ni...errr

nil said...

sudah..pergi mkn kurma dulu.

laki pompuan mmg dicipta tertarik antara satu sama lain. kalau tak hari ni, esok. moga mu tertarik ngan bakal isterimu saja pahni.


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